Monday, April 7, 2008

Giving McCain A Wake Up Call_It Is The Economy Stupid

With each passing day, it is obvious that John McCain has NO CLUE, nor a heart, and has led a life that has him ignorant of day to day reality in the world most Americans live in. With that in mind, the time has come to give him one, let him in on some simple reality.

Most Americans are in trouble financially, find themselves in deep financial trouble, most of it of their own making. What causes their problems?

1. The war in Iraq.
2. Jobs lost to outsourcing.
3. Lower wages and lost jobs due to illegal aliens in our job sector.
4. Robber baron interest rates being charged by credit card companies and lenders.
5. Stagnant or depressed wages while prices for everything else goes up.

The mortgage/home lose crisis. Contrary to McCain's callous comments, most homeowners could afford the loans when they got them, it is the VERIABLE RATE interest that is causing them to go into foreclosure. Now, lets look at some other issues why many homeowners are in trouble.

1. Illegal aliens have moved into communities, living 20-30 to a house, and because our Federal Government has refused to do anything about illegal aliens, the property values in those neighborhoods depreciate. Further, because of all those people living in homes means for say 6, crime goes up as well, again driving the value of our homes down...tell me Mr. McCain, how many ILLEGAL ALIENS live in the homes around you and Cindy? Sure you might use them to cut your grass, but you would not want them living next to you, but think it is FINE FOR US?

2. Adjustable rate mortage interest rates go up by double and triple, homeowner loses home, bank sells it to an absentee landlord who rents it out to MORE ILLEGALS, futher dropping the property values of other homes in the community by tens of thousands of dollars. Downward spiral continues, more illegals come in offering to work at 1/3-1/2 the rate we as tax paying citizens earn, more American jobs lost to the 15-20 million illegal aliens while our Federal Government does NOTHING.

3. Illegal aliens living 20-30 to a house start sending their kids to the local schools, schools raise property taxes to keep up with the influx, more homeowners cannot afford their homes and either abandon them or lose them to the bank, and again more illegal aliens move in, further lowering prices. A once beautiful MIDDLECLASS neighborhood is starting to look LIKE A SLUM.

4. Now, even solvent homeowners have lost their equity, find themselves in an upside down mortgage through no fault of their own, contemplate WALKING AWAY as their once beautiful community and home is now a GHETTO inhabited mostly by illegal aliens, and ridden with crime.

The Economy-it is pretty simple, the government (that would be you) have eliminated or shipped overseas good paying jobs, replacing them with ever lower paying jobs, and continuing to let more and more legal and illegal aliens steal what few jobs are left in the name of cheap wages so that Corporate Profits can increase. In the meantime, prices have gone up and up (I paid $4.65 for a half gallon of milk Sunday) throughout our economy while our wages have remained STAGNANT, or worse declined, again because our Federal Government in the name of cheap wages has allowed illegal immigration to go unchecked.

Couple all this with a wrong war that is draining our economy to the tune of trillions of dollars, marry it to billions of dollars leaving America via remittances, and it is easy to see why we have no middleclass, understand why Americans are losing their homes...YET YOU MY FRIEND want to blame the individual, want to tell us as citizens our financial plight is our own...may I deliver to you a collective FUCK YOU McCain!

You want to suggest I get RETRAINED for the new economy, accept the reality that my job was either A) shipped overseas, or B) given to an illegal who is willing to work at half of what I used to make. How do you propose I go about getting that training Mr. going FURTHER INTO DEBT with student loans...again, FUCK YOU McCain!

Let me give you a basic economic policy there Mr. McCain:

1. Get the hell out of Iraq...stuff your ideals about duty and honor up your ass and accept the reality that A) we cannot afford the war, and B) even if we could, we don't want to afford it, and have no intentions of killing our own economy while building up Irag's. Fuck Iraqi's, fuck Iraq, fuck the Middle East, it is time to concentrate on our own country, and our people. That's right Mr. McCain, WE ARE WILLING to WALK AWAY...let Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or Jordan have Iraq, let them settle their own disputes, fight amont themselves. We got our own issues that are far more important here at home, and you need to realize is pretty pathetic when Iraq has a larger border patrol than America does, and it was paid for with our TAXES!

2. End the home mortage crisis by rolling back all home mortage interest rates to their original TEASER RATE that got the people their home loans to begin with. Next, take profit and banks out of the home mortgage business by making every American eligible for a first home loan mortgage through the government at 3.5-4 percent interest, with the profit from those mortgages used to pay back the Social Security Fund and make Medicare/Medicaid solvant. No citizenship, no government mortage, and no government loans for investment properties.

3. Use the troops returned home from Iraq to A) secure our Southern Border (that means the right to use DEADLY FORCE), begin gathering up and deporting all those here ILLEGALLY, imprisoning upper management of companies employing illegal aliens. Within months of this starting, most illegal aliens would SELF DEPORT because of A) fear, and B) their inability to find employment. This in turn would see out of work Americans re-employed at LIVING WAGES.

By the way, show you have some CLASS, and call for the Boycott of the Olympics in China...or would that hurt Budweisers Beer Sales?
4. When and if all Americans wanting employeement have been returned to the work force at a LIVABLE WAGE, we can look at creating a comprehensive immigration policy that brings people into America BASED ON OUR NEEDS, rather than just on corporate profits.

5. Put in, effective immediately, a 25 percent tariff on all Chinese and Taiwanese imports into America, with similiar tariffs to all other nations that have unfair trade advantages with America...use those tariffs to begin paying down the National Debt.

6. Implement a nationwide program to rebuild our public and manufacturing infrastructure.

We don't want your war, we don't want ILLEGAL ALIENS, and we don't want your laws that infringe on our civil liberties including the Patriot Act, and laws that restrict a woman's right to choose. Here is a clue...if you and the Federal Government do not MAKE THESE CHANGES, you are going to see America fighting its own second Civil War along class lines, and trust me MR. McCain, it will make your time in Vietnam seem like a cake walk.

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