Friday, April 4, 2008

We Are Winning in Iraq...Who Is McCain Trying To Fool

Let's stop George W. Bush, General Betrayus and John McCain from playing another eight track loop through of rhetoric on Iraq. We are winning the war, our troops will stand down when Iraq troops stand up, we need more time to train the Iraqi troops, violence is down, blah, blah, blah over and over again, the War Whores spew their rhetoric as Joe LIEberman and John McCain try to convince us that we must remain in Iraq, even if it takes 100 years.

Face it America, Iraq is a disaster, and their troops have no intention of STANDING UP so our troops can stand down. We had a chance to take out Sadr and BLEW IT, and the latest violence, the latest crack down on Mugtada al-Sadr was a complete disaster, and shows America how much of a dismal failure our training of Iraqi troops has been! Over 1000 Iraqi soldiers cut and run during the fighting, including SENIOR LINE OFFICERS...are we willing to watch America's finest mowed down in the desert sand for a much of Sand Chickens? Are we willing to give John McCain four years to continue George W. Bush's FAILED POLICY on Iraq, on the Economy?

More Than 1,000 in Iraq’s Forces Quit Basra Fight

Published: April 4, 2008

BAGHDAD — More than 1,000 Iraqi soldiers and policemen either refused to fight or simply abandoned their posts during the inconclusive assault against Shiite militias in Basra last week, a senior Iraqi government official said Thursday. Iraqi military officials said the group included dozens of officers, including at least two senior field commanders in the battle.

The desertions in the heat of a major battle cast fresh doubt on the effectiveness of the American-trained Iraqi security forces. The White House has conditioned further withdrawals of American troops on the readiness of the Iraqi military and police.

The crisis created by the desertions and other problems with the Basra operation was serious enough that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki hastily began funneling some 10,000 recruits from local Shiite tribes into his armed forces. That move has already generated anger among Sunni tribesmen whom Mr. Maliki has been much less eager to recruit despite their cooperation with the government in its fight against Sunni insurgents and criminal gangs.

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