Friday, April 4, 2008

Is McCain Blogette Blog DYING Like Father's Chances Of Being President?

Got Some Pork Chops?
Saying that the Meghan McCain Blogettes Blog has been a sterling dissappointment propped up by the media who are desparate for a story is an understatement. Three women working on it, and the pace with which posts go up to the blog is DISMAL...their last post this week was put up on April Fool's Day, meaning that three adult women have managed ONE ENTRY so far this week, and a LAME ONE at that. Perhaps Meghan and the Blogetts are finding maintaining a simple little blog is MORE WORK than they thought it would be?

Let's face it, the McBeefer's attempts at a jazzy, snappy blog ARE A FAILURE, and the girls would probably be best served dropping this fool's folly and getting on with the rest of their spoiled, pampered lives...Quarter Pounders anyone? Maybe Cindy can find a job for Meghan tasting stale beer, something Budweiser is FAMOUS FOR.

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