Sunday, April 6, 2008

North Korea's Kim Supporting Senator McCain?

In the it takes a war whore to know a war whore department, is this political campaign poster spoof, the rhinestone McCain on Kim's glasses courtesy of Senator McCain's own daughter Meghan, via her poorly designed and written blog. Would not be very surprised to find out that the McCain girls rang those bad boy glasses up on Mommy Dearest's American Express card...speaking of which, Senator McCain has been running up some SERIOUS charges on his own American Express card...wonder when we will see him, Cindy or the daughter doing a commercial for them, gasing up their gas guzzling Straight Talk Express Bus, or perhaps refueling the jet. We of course are still waiting for McCain to tell us how much his daughter is earning from the campaign, as well as the staffers for his daughters Blog...seems to me, that if it turns out those three girls are on the McCain payroll, that blog takes on a much different perspective, leads one to realize the McCains have been trying to DUPE THE PUBLIC. Come on McCain, send a SENIOR STAFFER out to answer the question...who is picking up the tab for the Blogettes? Are they on the McCain payroll, who is paying their travel expenses?

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