Saturday, April 12, 2008

John McCain Voters Favor Lawrence Welk

Proof mounts that McCain's base exists within the Geritol/Walker nursing home crowd as a recent PDB poll has found that McCain voters favor Lawrence Welk, with Pat Boone coming in a distant second in the, "McCain Voters under 100 poll" that interviewed these pre-centarians before their Cream of Wheat and prune juice breakfast at the Silver Hairs Retirement Center in Arizona. McCain, interviewed from his barko lounger, wiped his spittle with his lap blanket and replied, "I was hoping for Liberace, but I am pleased with the results."

In other BREAKING NEWS from the McCain camp, it seems that the Blobbettes triad of love have found blogging far too taxing for their tastes, and have taken the rest of the month off to rest and relax from their crueling blog schedule of around two posts a week, which averages out to less than one blog entry per week, per person from a team of THREE BLOGGERS! Just goes to show you, the media can make stars out of any one, as we watched Politco, the Washington Post, even news networks falling all over each other to make NEWS out of the poorly concieved and dismally written blog published by Meghan McCain in the FEEBLE ATTEMPT to make Daddy's Girl a media star...Obama staff members are rumored to have quipped, "She's no Chelsea."

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Cindy McCain has been out trying to embrace her criminal self as she spreads the word of her former drug addiction in a way sure to bring out the, "pity the poor misunderstood rich bitch" voting block for McCain. The rumor mill has her meeting with Paris Hilton for pantie flashing hints this weekend in Aspen.

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JollyRoger said...

MCCavein has a daughter that writes at all. That's surprising in and of itself. Apparently Mommy didn't show her the ways of the Stepfords.