Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AFL- CIO Attack Will Crash McCain's Financial Boat

As the Clinton-Obama slugfest moves on towards Pennsylvania where the Democratic Party Nomination Title Fight will be won or lost McCain finds himself about to face the blistering heat and might of a $50 million dollar ad attack launched by the AFL-CIO on his economic policies or lack thereof. The $53 Million dollar anti-McCain campaign is a record advertising blitz by the largest union in America, and comes at a time when everyone agrees McCain's financial boat is not in order...countering the blistering attack may be impossible for McCain even with the RNC now fully (almost) behind his run for the Presidency.

In other disturbing McSame news, word on the street is that Mitt Romney's appearence on FOX with Hannity last night came after a push from White House insiders who are now fully supporting him as McCain's Vice Presidential choice. The further down the road the McSame Express goes, the more this is looking like a third Bush term in Office in all but name only.

In a ODD twist, also involving another Bush Administration connection, McCain last week got the support of America's Catholics...what is odd about it, is there is now ANOTHER KEATING involved in McCain's political career.

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