Wednesday, March 26, 2008

McCain Touts Military Experience-Including the Four Planes He Crashed?

I love my Daddy Grandpa
McCain loves to puff up his chipmunk like cheeks, give us that patented TOUGH GUY look and talk about his military experience, telling us, "My Friends, I don't need any on the job training." First, we are NOT his friends. Secondly, when he talks about his glowing military experience and judgement, does that include the FOUR PLANES HE CRASHED? Further, he always forgets to mention that he left the military when his career STALLED...perhaps because of his drinking and womanizing ways. Give it up COWBOY, time for you to take your decaying Rodeo Queen and ride off into the sunset.

Republican John McCain says his experience in national security and foreign policy makes him the best candidate for president. That experience includes his education at the U.S. Naval Academy, his work as a Navy pilot in combat during the Vietnam War and his entire military career, and service on key committees in Congress. Since entering Congress in 1983, McCain has weighed in on several decisions of when to use military force. USA TODAY's David Jackson reviews some of those positions:

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