Sunday, March 23, 2008

McBlob Shares Thoughts On Her Saintly Mother

She obviously got her Dad's butt.
As many of you may, or may not know, Meghan McCain and the Blobbettes are journaling her father's (John McSame) campaign for the Presidency. In one of her entries this week, she posted up her top ten things we may not know about her mother...apparently she assumes we live under rocks. Anyway, thought we would share her comments here on the McSame blog with some added commentary of our own where appropriate.

About My Mom:

1. She was named "rodeo queen" in high school. Back in the day, rodeos were a big thing in Arizona and Mom was named the rodeo queen when she was 16. The pictures are so funny – she's wearing a cowboy hat with a crown!

First, we know about this Meghan. Perhaps that explains her bowlegged stance and penchant for having an affair with a married man? Where I come from, we call loose legged women sleeping with married men sluts. You do know she was boinking your father while he was married to another woman don't you? Just checking.

2. She always taught me to be true to myself. Growing up in politics, it would be easy to think of your parents forcing you to act, talk, and look a certain way. But whether it was me putting pink streaks in my hair when I was 14 or deciding to go to Columbia instead of USC (her alma mater) for college, Mom always let me make my own decisions (and mistakes) and it has made me who I am today.

So, your mother made you a self centered over weight young woman that cannot write a blog without the help of two staff members? Clarifying here you understand, trying to keep the record straight.

3. She's a huge Cream fan and went to their reunion concert in London two years ago.

How does this fit with your father's favorite song, "Bomb Bomb Iran"? Further, sharing the fact that she flew off to London to catch the reunion concert shows just how out of touch your Mother and family are with the average middleclass American. We are RICH, FILTHY RICH, so we can do things like this.

4. Her favorite snacks are Cheetos and salt and vinegar potato chips.

Maybe those vinegar potato chips explain that hawkish, nasty bitchy look she wears on a normal basis?

5. She likes to watch nature programs and "The Animal Planet" on TV. (I think she's slightly obsessed with Jeff Corwin.)

Curious here, does your mother own any fur coats? Sure the folks at PETA would love to know.

6. She spoils our dogs silly. We have two Yorkshire terriers named Desi and Lucy. We also have two other dogs named Sam and Coco who are a springer spaniel and a mix. She spoils them with lots of treats and affection.

WOW, four dogs! Curious here who takes care of these dogs while you all are out on the campaign trail, and at what cost? Your mother looks like a shrew, so doubt any of us are going to buy your attempts to humanize her.

7. She also loves fish. I grew up with salt water tanks all over our house and bowls of goldfish in the kitchen.

Tropical fish to good for her?

8. She has been doing work with charities such as HALO and Operation Smile ever since I can remember. When I was little, I used to imagine her running into people like "Indiana Jones" along the way. To this day, when I see an old movie poster of Harrison Ford as "Indiana Jones", it reminds me of Mom.

We know all about her CHARITY addicted to drugs was she by the way, and just how much stealing did she do from the charity she founded. Don't suppose she is prepared to share the CRIMINAL RECORDS when she as a rich woman, and wife of a Senator had her crimes washed away, while many others guilty of far less criminal activity are rotting in America's prisons would she? Affairs, drug addictions, stealing drugs and illegal international transit of illicit drugs...GEE, your mother sounds like QUITE THE WOMAN.

9. She can tell if a beer is fresh or not, depending on the taste.

Does this mean we can add alcoholic to her list of accomplishments?

10. The song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole is our special "mother/daughter song". It always makes me think of her and our family's affinity for scuba diving and the ocean.

THAT IS JUST SO PRECIOUS-NOT...pity her tank did not run out of air. At least then we would not have to suffer her acute need to seek out revenge...anyone who keeps a revenge list really needs to seek out some counseling.

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