Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Republican Family Values Man-John McCain?

So, it is official that John McCain is the Republican Family Values Party candidate to vie for the position of President of the United States, his wife Cindy slated to be America’s First Lady should he be successful in his quest. That reality requires Americans to make an informed decision, have a handle on just who they are voting for, and who they are making the first lady of the United States of America. A cursory examination of some of the personal history of John McCain, a look into the family history of Cindy McCain and one is left scratching their head and asking, “What family values?”

Cindy and John met each other, began slipping between the sheets back in 1979 while John McCain was still married to his first wife Carol. For years this new darling couple in Republican circles was haunted by rumors of an unsavory nature. It is irrefutable that John McCain was still married when he first had sexual relations with, had and affair with Cindy McCain who is eighteen years his junior. It is further known that he left his first wife who had become a cripple in a car accident for the young heiress to a beer distributorship fortune…in short, the perfect Trophy Wife scenario, a torrid love affair between a young nubile socialite and a much older man, a decorated war hero, a up and coming politico.

What is odd, is Cindy has something in common with the Kennedy family…seems her father, the pillar of society has a very checkered past, made his living and his fortune bootlegging liquor…anything to make and honest living? Some are still trying to figure out how a convicted felon ended up owning a Budweiser Distributorship, but that is a story that will never be fully told since most of the records have conveniently been destroyed, leaving us only speculation and a few criminal records to base our opinions on.

Perhaps wanting to follow in the footsteps of Betty Ford, Cindy McCain has faced her own demons, being a drug addict for several years, having a penchant for the pain pills which she was STEALING from a charity she had founded. It must be nice to have your own charity to steal drugs from. When authorities began investigating some serious gaps in the charities drug inventory records, poor misunderstood rich girl Cindy called her husband, Senator John McCain, in tears admitting her mistakes. Conveniently, a few phone calls were made, some discussions were had and the charges were dropped…justice in the world of the rich and elite, the criminal court system when you are married to a United States Senator?

Cindy McCain, a millionaire heiress, a former rodeo beauty queen (tiara anyone?) is known to have a serious temper, has even admitted to keeping a GRUDGE LIST. Just what America needs in a First Lady, Daddy’s past her prime spoiled princess, a battle axe old shrew fond of holding grudges, looking at every opportunity to settle the score living at the most prestigious address in the world.

When we elect someone to office, we in many ways are electing a couple who will represent our interests and nation around the world…is Cindy McCain really First Lady material? Are the McCain’s the best the Republicans can do in putting forth a candidate that represents their supposed Family Values platform?

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