Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Senator McCain Looking Presidential at Tax Payer Expense

Sleeze bucket John McCain in a feeble attempt to look Presidential instead of just plain OLD is taking two of his geezer supporters (including turncoat LIEberman)and going to Iraq to burnish his CREDENTIALS...that would be fine if he were using his own funds for said trip. Instead the massive cost of this campaign trip will be picked up by the American taxpayer. This image polishing trip as McCain tries to make himself look more Presidential, plugged in on the WORLD STAGE seems off message for a man that tries to present himself as the Sheriff of Pork Barrel spending. WE could compare this to Elliot Spitzer's No Ho Fall from grace in New York. If you are going to put yourself up above the fray, portray yourself as the Sheriff of Pork Barrel politics, then you take these kinds of trips AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. At least Spitzer paid for his whores. As for LIEberman, it is time that the Democrats disown the old wind bag.

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