Tuesday, March 11, 2008

McMitt To Bring in McRight? Tune In FOX!

Mr Romney McCain's McVP? It could be...seems that Mitt of the bigoted right wing could be just what the Doctor ordered to rein in the Republican Party's out of control Rowdy Right Wing...I mean come on, even Ann (Potty Mouth) Coulter incestously refers to Mitt Romney as a Conservative's Conservative...can't you just hear the SWOON in her voice.

Can see the war plan for the fall election now...John McSame will be the Iraq Pit Bull, promising to chase Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell and beyond with his delapidated 72 year old body...sure John, we believe you,you and Rambo all the way DUDE. McMitt will flant in from the right (where else) as McCain's Wizard of the Economy. Bring in the court jester, Senator LIEberman as McCain's Secretary of Defense, and McCain's Model T Campaign is ready for the open road.

Don't miss the 2 AM FOX News reruns...you can watch Toilet Mouth Hannity's interview with McMitt...special quest appearance by Ronald McDonald?

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