Saturday, March 8, 2008

Should McCain’s Age and Health Issues Disqualify Him from Presidency?

Though it was not made official until after he’d left office, Ronald Reagan was already suffering from Alzheimer’s in his last years in office, his memory already beginning to fail him. If John McCain were to be elected President in the 2008 Presidential Election, he would be the oldest man to ever be sworn in as the President of the United States at 72 years of age. Despite dragging his 91 year old mother out at campaign appearances, his false assurances that he has the stamina and drive of men 20 years his junior, it seems prudent to ask the question, “Is John McCain’s age, coupled with his known health issues enough to disqualify him as President of the United States?”

Age should not be a disqualifier, but John McCain has other serious health issues, such as his repeated cancer scares, and serious physical limitations as a result of injuries he suffered as a Prisoner of War during the Vietnam Conflict.

He cannot comb his own hair.
On Bad days he needs the help of staff to put on his pants.

These are facts that have made their way into the public arena, been printed or reported by various news sources. What other physical limitations does McCain have that his wife, family, staff and peers have successfully kept secret, away from prying eyes?

We have all joked about Cheney’s weak heart, some even wishing it would give up the ghost, but off color humor aside, Dick Cheney’s age, his own personal health issues were and are a primary contributor to his decision not to run for President. John McCain’s stubbornness, his determination to realize his dreams have seen him dismiss any questions about his health, to give it and his age no weight in his decision to run for the highest office in the land…we as citizens though should not be so short sighted in weighing those two important issues.

Lest we forget, if George W Bush’s health had failed, if he had died in office, we would have been faced with the cold disturbing reality that Dick Cheney was now the President of the United States. Who will McCain name as his Vice President, and are we as a nation prepared to accept that man as our leader should McCain’s cancer return, if his health issues worsen to a point where he can no longer carry out the duties of the office of President of the United States. Are we as a nation prepared to take that risk?

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