Sunday, March 16, 2008

McCain Spending Our Tax Dollars Lands in Iraq

So, McCain has set foot in Iraq, is off looking presidential in Iraq compliments of our tax dollars. Serious want to know how he calls himself the Sheriff of Pork Barrel will slamming us with the tab for this trip. While we are on the subject, if you listen to McCain on the subject of Pork, he always says he never has asked for pork for his HOME STATE...OK, how come the news reporters never ask him about pork for other states?

McCain Lands in Iraq, Lieberman by His Side

Senator McCain arrived in Baghdad today with his lap dog, Senator Joseph Lieberman, on an extravagant road trip compliments of the US tax payers. He justifies the trip at our expense on the grounds he believes the Armed Services Committee needs a close up look at Iraq before Gen. David Petraeus returns to testify before Congress next month. Despite his staffs enthusiastic admission that this trip gives McCain a chance to look PRESIDENTIAL, McCain brushes aside charges that he is using American tax dollars to make a campaign trip.

Let’s say you support McCain, want to believe his trip to Bahgdad is all about Senate business. Here is the rub…the stop over in Iraq is only the first of a series of stops planned, the other stops conveniently arranged to visit some of the entourages FAVORITE spots in the world. The three senators will visit Jordan, make a stop over in Israel, then fly into Great Britain and finish their tax payer world junket by visiting France.

Meanwhile, McCain’s former drug addict wife is taking daughter Meghan and her girlfriends off on a Presidential Looking Trip of their own…no comment from the McCain staff on who is picking up the tab on that travel itenerary.

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