Friday, March 14, 2008

Call for EBAY Boycott-Show Democrats Your Support

Join the Boycott of EBAY, show your support for the Democratic Party, show your support for BRINGING OUR TROOPS HOME. Meg Whitman has thrown herself into the thick of the Presidential Elections on the side of John McCain and the George Bush Doctrine that has gotten us into a wrong war, ruined our economy, and threatened the very survival of the Middleclass. If you are a Democrat and have an EBAY account, cancel it, or refuse to conduct business through the account until Meg Whitman resigns as the Co-Chair of John McCain's Presidential Campaign. Show Corporate America that we as Americans will no longer tolerate partisan special interest politics, no longer allow large corporations and their officers to manipulate the vote through their pocketbooks. Contact MoveOn.Org and encourage them to take up the fight...the time has come to draw the line in the sand, hold companies responsible for their political positions.

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