Saturday, March 15, 2008

Is War Hawk McCain Running For President To Get Sons Out of Harms Way?

John McCain talks a good game, is the ultimate war horse, a pro-pentagon War Hawk far more bent on destruction than even George W. example his campaign remark wherein he is fine if our troops are deployed in Iraq for the next 100 years. If McCain were to become the next President, seems he could have his sons (two are in the military) kept out of harms way, out of the war theatre because they would become SUPER TARGETS. Under the argument that his sons would be high value targets if he were the President, as Commander and Chief, McCain could keep your loved ones in Iraq for 100 years while he sees his own children getting desk jobs out of harms way. Pie in the sky smear?...perhaps not, since the Marines have refused to discuss what special steps they took while Senator McCain's son was in Iraq. Raises the question, are they Marines in name only, getting special treatment other troops would never get, recieving assignments that keep them out of any real danger? It's time the Marines come clean, and McCain answers some questions about any involvements he has had in his sons marching orders.

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