Friday, March 7, 2008

McCain’s Humor Sign of Sick Mind?

In addition to being a man known to have a bad temper (as witnessed in his verbal attack on a reporter today), McCain at times has shown a insensitive even harshly inappropriate sense of humor that perhaps hints at a twisted sick mind. There are statements that should not be made, jokes that should not be told, and McCain seems mentally incapable of knowing where that line is. The title of an AP story back in 2007 perhaps illustrates this reality best, “McCain’s WMD is a Mouth That Won’t Quit”. McCain’s inability to control his mouth over the years, his terminal case of “Foot in Mouth” disease constantly sees him in trouble, digging out from ill timed or wrongfully delivered remarks and jokes. Can we as a nation afford a President that has a long term track record of inappropriate remarks?

Some of McCain’s errors are enormous in scope, show a serious lack of judgment, a judgment we as citizens are going to count on if he becomes President of the United States.

  • In his 1986 Senatorial campaign he thought it was funny to refer to the Leisure World retirement community as Seizure World. He compounded the error by not understanding the offense taken at his joke, refusing to issue an immediate apology.

  • At a 1998 fund raising event he made a very off color joke about then President Bill Clinton’s daughter. “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.” Keep in mind, that in 1998, Chelsea Clinton was a seventeen year old kid, supposedly off limits to such atrocious and distasteful ramblings by a politician out of control, maybe even boozed up. After the fact, McCain did manage to deliver an apology to Bill Clinton, but there is no record of a similar apology offered up to either of the two women involved, Chelsea Clinton and Janet Reno.

  • At a 2007 Campaign Stop at a VFW Post in South Carolina when asked about delivering an air mail message to Iran, McCain leapt into song singing, “bomb Iran” a tune by the Valiants from 1980…when questioned about the appropriateness of the remark, McCain quipped, “Lighten up and get a life.”

  • When a fellow Senator told McCain his remarks were out of line, McCain snapped back, “F—K You.” Not the kind of decorum we should accept in our elected officials.

  • In February of this year when questioned about change in Cuba McCain stated, “Change will not come in Cuba until Fidel Castro is dead.” He then went further to state, “I hope he has the opportunity to meet Karl Marx very soon.” Such straight talk might be fine at home drinking Cindy’s Budweiser beer, but is out of line in public questioning coming out of the mouth of an elected Senator dreaming of being President of the United States.

Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, certain behaviors are unacceptable in our public officials. McCain seems to excel at overstepping these lines of propriety at every turn in the road. How many of his character flaws can we afford to over look when we make our decision in November, pick our next president?

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