Thursday, March 13, 2008

Saddam's Irag Report Censored-McCain Breaths Sigh of Relief

Saddam’s Iraq Report Benched Due To Politics

Seems that the White House does not want we Americans to have EASY ACCESS to the Pentagon Report on Saddam’s Iraq. The report admits freely that no connections were found between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, and Bush’s Administration thinks have that information and the report widely available to Americans is simply TO POLITICALLY DEVISIVE and has ordered the Pentagon not to post the report online in any manner.

The document was supposed to be available on the Joint Forces Command web site this afternoon. Soon after it was made available, the authors of the report were to have conducted a press briefing…that too was cancelled. Further, the Pentagon has announced that the report WILL NOT EVEN BE EMAILED to reporters…you can though request a CD copy of the report that will be sent out via first class mail at a date and time convenient to the Pentagon (Like after the fall elections).

When asked about their decision, low level scapegoats at the Pentagon would only say, “initial press reports on the study made it "too politically sensitive.” The study found no "smoking gun" or any evidence of a direct connection between Saddam's Iraq and the al Qaeda terrorist organization.

John McCain staffers had no comment on the Presidents decision, but rumors have it that FTD delivered a large bouquet of flowers to the White House this evening with a thank you note from John McCain.

News Article

Report Summary

You can call the Pentagon to requestion your copy of the report at: (757) 836-6555

You can write the command at :

U. S. Joint Forces Command
1562 Mitscher Ave. Suite 200
Norfolk, VA 23551

They can also be contacted via their web site.

We encourage all Americans to request their CD Rom copy of this important report.

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