Sunday, March 23, 2008

A McCain Fund Raising Chuckle

Financial Woes seem to be a McCain campaign trademark despite his shrew of a wife's monsterous personal wealth. Perhaps the man needs to take it as a clue. On Saint Patrick's Day a Pro-McCain group announced and ambitious goal of getting one million people to each donate ten dollars to the Unite McCain Campaign. If their first week's fund raising efforts are any example, it is going to be a very long General Election for John McCain and his supporters as you can see from the graft posted on their site, and shared here for your amusement. Maybe Cindy McCain can start holding some bake sales for her hubby the couch potato. Meanwhile, in fast breaking news from the piglettes, seems that the blobbettes have suffered a change of plans...does this mean their trip to Bahran has been put on hold because too many people asked to many questions about who was PAYING FOR THAT TRIP? In the mean time, seems that Meghan is going to be hitting the campaign trail with Daddy next week...wonder if Porky Pig is a McCain voter?

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