Sunday, March 16, 2008

McCain's Trip To Look Presidential-Who is Paying For Daughter and Friends Expenses?

So McCain is embarking on a trip to the Middle East to make himself look PRESIDENTIAL. That trip is being paid for by "we the taxpayers". He justifies it by claiming he wishes other figures in Washington would do more travel around the world so they could be more informed. Now, it seems that Chris his HAWKY looking wife with her beady eyes is also going to be taking a trip, and in tow will be the Blobettes (Meghan, photographer Heather Brand and producer Shannon Bae). Ignoring the oddity of a person needing a staff to maintain a poorly presented Blog, and getting to the weighty question of the day, who is picking up the tab for these three 20 somethings to travel halfway around the world to TOUR A CHARITY her mother is a board member of? By the way, is anyone going to keep tabs on Chris, make sure she keeps her hands out of the DRUG CABINET?

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