Thursday, March 20, 2008

Investors Flocking To Blogshares To Protect Blog Values From McCain Economics

Bloggers around the world are flocking to Blog Shares to avoid a serious down turn should McCain get elected, protecting their share values through the wise use of artifacts, buying up new ideas as they filter down from above. If you haven't registered your blog today, become part of the game that is sweeping the internet, this is your lucky day to avoid the economic down turns of a third Republican/Bush White House. Not to mention that you can have a lot of fun, meet some wonderful people, and hangout in the Bar.

We take our Democratic Politics seriously, but not so serious that we cannot take time out to toss up a post to plug a great game that educates young and old alike about the ebbs and flows of a dynamic, sometimes ruthless economic community. From ruthless take overs, use of artifacts to reak havoc on the competitions share value, to earning chips that can be used to win all kinds of cool things like dead blogs, Blog Shares is the place to go for a fun time.

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