Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bush Operative Deals With McCain Boeing Debacle

Any news eating couch potato knows about the Refueling Tanker Contract disaster, knows that McCain played a KEY ROLE in seeing the contract awarded to the French, our close allies who were no shows in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well, the McCain team is striking back with a nice little propaganda piece addressed to Interested Parties (that would be all Americans).

The teary eyed piece of pablum was written by one Steve Schmidt...AKA, a top Bush and Company talent who helped orchestrate Bush's win to a second term in the White House. Seems he is another one of those Bush Doctrine transplants steering Bush's McCain Straight Talk Express. Seems Schmidt was signed on to the campaign as a Senior Advisor.

Schmidt glosses over some key points of interest in his attempts to cloud the issue and get the heat off his new boss.

1. McCain's interference in the process has cost America some 40,000 good paying jobs.

2. McCain has no problems with a key component of our National Security and Defense and the strategic technology being given to a foreign company.

His first tact in his fairytale interpretation is that McCain was/is trying to be fiscally responsible, save Americans their tax dollars. The amount of supposed savings is around $8 Billion dollars...sounds like a lot of money. So, consider this. For every dollar you put into the economy (The contract could be worth over half a trillion dollars) you create six more dollars as that money is reinvested into the economy. Simply stated, that contract let to an American company would have created 40,000 AMERICAN jobs, and created an influx to our American economy of around $3 Trillion dollars.

Perhaps this is a perfect example of McCain's ignorance of basic economic principles. You give away to the French $3 Trillion dollars in economic stimulus to save $8 Billion dollars in American Tax Dollars...has this man been spending to much time with George W. Bush?

The rest of the letter is similiar inane drivel, strawman arguements intended to shift your focus away from John McCain and his stupidity.

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