Sunday, March 23, 2008

McCain's Week Of Looking Presidential Big Failure

McCain's week of looking Presidential was a dismal failure from start to finish. At every step of the way he said the wrong thing, or did not go far enough. Some of his low lights include:

1. Flying into Iraq right on the Five Year Anniversary was in poor taste. Having Cheney arrive while he was there even worse.

2. His now infamous Shite/Sunni/Iran gaffe while in Jordan.

3. Holding a fund raiser at the Spencer House in London on what was supposed to be an OFFICIAL TRIP...yeah right.

4. Bringing up Tibet, but failing to call for a boycott of the Olympics in China.

5. Again defending his Bomb Bomb Iran song. But then, this is the man that calls Vietnamese Gooks. Ranks right up there with Obama defending Wright's hate speech because that is how Black people talk when we get together.

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