Tuesday, March 11, 2008

McCain's Republicans Uphold President's Veto...RNC Will Now Be Known as the NTC

The Canadians who BEGGED OUT OF IRAQ have quickly weighed in on the President and John McCain’s endorsement of torture…in a Toronto Star story, “ Bush’s shameful legacy of torture” the paper is quick to rail against Bush’s penchant for pain, while ignoring McCain’s implicit endorsement of the policy.

Republicans in the House anxious to be the party of pain voted to uphold Bush’s veto of a bill that would have prohibited the CIA from torturing prisoners, using water boarding as a means of squeezing out false confessions. Meanwhile the UN has gone public with the fact that the US has refused to allow a United Nations torture inspector to visit American-run jails in Iraq. Bush afraid to take a black eye on the issue must feel it is not in McCain’s best interest to have a bunch of battered and beaten detainees suddenly appearing on the evening news.

Roll Call:

In all fairness, being fair and balanced, three Democrats sided with John McCain and the Republican party in being all for torture in the name of the Red, White and Blue: Waters (CA), Marshall (GA), Kucinich (OH).

Senator, John McCain had initially supported a ban, but when it came to a vote, he sided with the President in the hopes of winning over the Conservative Right Wing of the RNC.

In short, John McCain believes in the protection of a few cells, opposes a woman’s right to choice, but is absolutely fine with beating the living crap out of anyone that might potentially have a useful scrap of intelligence…travelers keep your wits about you at airport check points, you don’t want to find yourself being whisked off to some unknown destination in a torture friendly country under the guise of McCain’s Bush Doctrine. Rumors have it that Ann Coulter’s G-Spot was tickled pink upon hearing of the vote.

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