Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Iraq Truth McCain Will Not Speak-Five Years Later

Five Years Later-Was Iraq War Worth It?

Rather ironic that two high priests of the Church of Bush chose to set foot in Iranian soil today as that nation marks five years of war, five years of American occupation.

We all support the troops, yet this weekend as America celebrates the five year anniversary of the Iraq War, the milestone is hardly mentioned in the press here in America, more attention paid to McCain touching foot in Iraq than we are seeing given to this somber anniversary. A PEW poll released earlier this week found that 40 percent of Americans were unsure, did not know how many American troops had died in the war…for those wondering, we will soon reach the 4,000 number.

Taking exception to McCain’s rosy predictions where Iraq is concerned, I point out the obvious that he does not want to discuss.

1. Iraq is in the throes of civil war, the nation suffering from great political and military strife and uncertainty.

2. Despite claims that the SURGE is working, violence is rampant in Iraq, with the death toll of Irag citizens conservatively estimated to be over 89,000.

3. Life for women in Iraq has gotten far worse since the American invasion, many women having no choice but to turn to prostitution to survive, risking death if they are caught.

4. Unemployment and poverty rates are escalating.

Contrary to the false words of George W. Bush, no weapons of Mass Destruction have been found, no ties found to exist between Saddam Hussein and Al-Quida. Senator McCain would have us believe we are winning; have us keep our troops in Iraq, if necessary for another 100 years. Setting aside politics, setting aside party platforms and doctrine, was the Invasion of Iraq worth it?

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