Friday, March 7, 2008

John McCain, Future President Hothead

(Can we trust Hothead McCain with Nuclear Bomb Codes?)

If you are looking for a knock down drag out fight, Hothead John McCain has a reputation as being your man. John McCain is good at losing his temper, and seems to enjoy it. If you are looking for a nasty cantankerous brute, a cloakroom bully ready to take on all comers, Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain is your man. When queried about his temper, he quickly states it is not a problem, that he has it under control…sure, just like his darling wife Cindy who admits to keeping a Grudge List?

John McCain’s antics are famous on Capital Hill, his habit of bursting from the cloakroom in a fit of rage onto the Senate Floor, his puffy face beat red, ripping off his glasses as he looks for a table to beat on, sees those in the know simply shaking their heads at the temper tantrum, knowing Senator Hothead is at it again, angry as usual. We can almost imagine this angry little chipmunk, his beady eyes seething anger as he loudly chatters away at anyone close enough to feel his wrath.

Congressional Correspondents if queried will shrug their shoulders, sheepishly admit that’s just Senator McCain, reluctantly admit that he has a habit of blowing up, losing his temper on a regular basis, somewhat like Old Faithful. Recently on the, “Larry King” show former Presidential Candidate and Senator, Bob Dole admitted that John McCain has a tempter, went so far as to say he attributed the temper to his having spent so much time locked in a cage as a Prisoner of War back in the Vietnam War.

In the respected corridors of the United States Senate where polite debate is supposed to be the rule of the land, McCain has never had trouble finding a fight. The least little perceived infraction, any one crossing one of his lines in the sand an McCain is off on another warpath, confronting those who made the mistake of crossing his path, daring to disagree with his positions on the issues.

Carl Smith a former pilot who flew with McCain has been quoted as saying, “McCain doesn’t tolerate what he thinks is wrong” and then went on further to state, “He’ll HAMMER you.” In short, McCain, the son of an opinionated, cigar chomping Naval Officer, the Republican candidate for the highest office in the land stands firm in what he believes in, and has a very difficult time keeping his anger in check. If you want to see him blow a gasket, start asking him questions about the Keating Five and his illegal involvements in trying to derail the investigation and you’ll see that vein of his starting to throb.

John McCain’s famous temper should have Republicans praying that the man can keep himself and his anger under control during the upcoming Presidential Campaign season. More importantly, all Americans need to ask themselves seriously if they are prepared to give a declared War Hawk with a temper the secret codes to America’s nuclear arsenal by electing him as our next president.

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