Friday, March 14, 2008

Should Democrats Boycott EBAY for Backing John McCain?

In Arlington, Virginia Senator McCain’s desperate presidential campaign staff announced they had snagged EBAY President and CEO Meg Whitman. It seems that Meg thought nothing about offending America’s Democrats with her decision to back a man who will bring us four more years of the Bush Doctrine. She will serve a key role in his bid for the White House, serving as National Co-Chair and other unnamed financial efforts…as in FUND RAISING?

Democrats helped build EBAY, helped Meg Whitman build the company into the giant it is today with 15,000 employees. Has the time come to pull the rug out from under her, show EBAY that choosing sides, backing a man and a party half the nations hates is simply NOT GOOD BUSINESS? Should America’s Democrats cancel their accounts, orchestrate a boycott, hold online one day sick ins when Democrats avoid the site at all costs?

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