Saturday, March 15, 2008

McCain McBlog is McPlump-Meghan's Place

Cruising the political blog world this morning, came across an article reporting that Daddy McCain's little princess is on the Presidential Campaign payroll...isn't that convenient and more than a bit hypocritical? Seems that Mehgan has admitted to being more than a bit LIBERAL...seems to run in the family.

Intriqued, started snooping around and found Mehgan's blog...a not very impressive little place for her and her friends. Reminded me of the old "Welcome Back Kotter" show and the sweat hogs. Seems that McSpoiled Meghan is just a bit touchy about her somewhat fluffy frame. So touchy in fact that she dedicated a whole post on her blog to her ANGER at other people making remarks about her thick stature...hey kiddo, you jumped into the ring with Pappa, so get used to it. She trots out the old "Inner Beauty", going on to say she is proud of her curves...I can buy that, but if she is SO PROUD of her curves, why does she wear so many outfits that look like potato sacks? So Mehgan, since a number on the scale is not important, why not share how much you weigh with the readers?

Maybe we should have a rename Mehgan's blog contest since she is so proud of her girth.

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Anonymous said...

I want more of the same! That's why I'm voting for another Clinton presidency.

Four More Years!!!

Go Billery