Thursday, March 13, 2008

John McCain-The NAKED Truth

The Not So Maverick McCain-The Corporate Interest/Bush Soldier

If you listen to Senator John McSame out on the Campaign Trail he would have you believe he is YOUR FRIEND, has the interest of the average American first and foremost in his mind. The truth of the matter is, John McCain HATES AVERAGE AMERICANS, has a habit of voting away our jobs, eliminating our ability to earn overtime pay, wants to cheat us out of our Social Security, Medicare, and our ability to form unions…unless of course you are an Illegal Alien.

The AFL-CIO has been working diligently to uncover the truth of this non-maverick Senator, and their website reveals the man is a snake in sheep’s camouflage, a Bush Crony who has voted with the Bush Administration 90 percent of the time in the past 7 plus years, embraced the Bush Doctrine 95 percent of the time in the past year! Those BASTARDS, they killed Kenny! Sorry, could not resist.

As reported in this blog yesterday, John McCain’s latest skunk deal saw a multi-billion-dollar air tanker deal to a European company (EADS), seeing no problem with putting 40,000 Americans out of work, and shipping our National Security Technology overseas. To take care of his BUDDIES seems McCain used his contacts in the Pentagon to rig the process, change the bidding process to disadvantage Boeing. (This fact reported in Time Magazine which says, “And some of his top advisers have out and out lobbied for the award to EADS/Airbus--one of them while serving as McCain's national finance chairman. [Time magazine, 3/11/08]”

The AFL-CIO like this site wants to expose the truth of John McCain. To that end they have just launched McCain Revealed. If you have a family, if you belong to a Union, if you are a legal American citizens struggling to make ends meet, this is a must visit site. We here at John McSame 4 President are proud to provide their link to America, help them reach the 13 million household voters in 23 key battleground states…two of those people they want to reach live in my Union Proud home.

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