Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bush Told Me Iraq War Was a Winner!

My friends, I will not abandon Iraq, will not bring our troops home without victory, and you have my word on that. Sure we have made some mistakes, but that is ancient history, and I will not discuss the past, we need to talk about the future, talk about the success waiting for us out there somewhere on the horizon just out of sight.

History will show us that George W. Bush was one of the best Presidents America has ever had, will show us he was on target in invading Iraq, in using false evidence to sell our nation on the concept of war. He knew there were no weapons of mass destruction, but that should not matter, as we are safer now than before we invaded Iraq, terrorist attacks are down around the world, and we have not been attacked on our own soil since September 11, 2001.

We must "Stay The Course" until "Mission Accomplished" is a goal realized, a reality attained. Electing me as your next President will assure our continued troop presense in Iraq for decades to come as that young Democracy takes the needed steps necessary to be our friend, and my friends, that is what is at state in this election. If you put a Democrat in the White House, they will bring our troops home, we will no longer be spending a billion dollars a day in Iraq, our fine young fighting troops will no longer be dying and maimed in some far off desert half a world away, and that reality would be wrong for America.

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