Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is God Calling on Evangelicals To Elect A Democrat?

March 12, 2008 05:42 PM EDT

Pastor Jan Paulsen leads the 16 million member Seventh-day Adventist world church. In a recently published article (March issue of Adventist World) the pastor reiterates the church's long standing position held on non-combatancy. In the article, Clear Thinking About Military Service, this religious leader simply states that the decision to carry arms puts "the spiritual and moral foundations of your life in serious jeopardy." Another key passage from the article the pastor states, "the church must constantly reflect God's infinite, healing love."

The article raises, without actually stating it, "Is the Evangelical Christian Republican Base being called by God to back the Democratic Candidate for President?"

It is Jan Paulsen position, that because God values each human life, true Christians should never be involved in the taking of a life, even the life of our enemies. Looking at this statement, looking at the Republican Party's stance on abortion, their blind support of George W. Bush, their blind support of his War in Iraq would seem to put them at odds with their religion with their God. How can you support war, the needless killing of thousands of human beings yet claim yourself an Evangelical Christian?

McCain has made his position on war, on Iraq clear. He is fine with our troops dying in the desert sands for another 100 years, has no problems with the continued bloodshed in the Middle east in the name of United States interests. His positions, George W. Bush's doctrine seem to fly in the face of what true Christians are supposed to hold most sacred, the protection of and value of human life. If you carry arms, support others carrying them in your name, you are embracing and condoning the taking of human life. Paulsen writes about the Church's abandonment of CORE CHURCH VALUES regarding war:

"I have sensed, at times, a certain ambivalence toward our historic position, a sense, perhaps, that 'that was then, and this is now.' And yet I know of no reason why this should be so."

A commonly held truth in life is that you cannot serve two masters. You cannot claim to value human life, give any validity to your Pro Life position on abortion while at the same time beating the war drums and supporting Pro War politicians. Is God through Jan Paulsen calling on Evangelical Christians to set aside their red pompoms and vote for a candidate (Clinton or Obama) who want to bring our troops home sooner than later?

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