Tuesday, March 25, 2008

John McCain is Economic MORON and Ass Monkey

All morning long on both FOX and CNN they touted McCain's big speech today on the Economy. Well, to say it was anticlimatic is and understatement. First, the man has the black heart of a demonspawn, and the economic intellect of a slug. His solution is to do nothing for anyone...well, except for Bear Stern, and any other CORPORATE Business interest...he didn't say that, but you could read between the lines. His opinion, everyone losing their house right now has no one to blame but themselves. Question here Mr. McCain...if that is your personal belief, if you believe that every American is responsible for their own troubles in life, and should have to pay the price for their mistakes, why did you intervene in your wife's serious felony case involving the stealing of drugs from her own charity? Is this a case of Americans doing as you say, and not as you do? You sir are a WORLD CLASS PRICK.

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